Homes designed for a

Comfortable Retirement

Your new home at Cara Living Courtown

We are hoping that moving to Cara Living Courtown will be a new lease of life for you. You will be more independent, you will have more choice and more opportunities to live life the way you want to. And the centre of this is your very own apartment thats comfortable and designed with you in mind.

It will be safe and secure. And that’s very important to us that you are made feel welcome, safe and secure.

Cara Living Courtown will have 18 apartments. This include 6 one bedroom apartments and 12 two bedroom apartments. Each of the apartments has its own front door assuring you of complete privacy. Each of them has all been designed with care to make sure later living is easier and more enjoyable for people over the age of 65.

The development has been designed with excellent energy efficiency heating and has been designed to meet all universal living needs and all apartments are wheelchair accessible.

Planning Submitted April 2024

Designed with you in mind

All apartments are designed using best practice. The kitchens have all been designed for easy access, eye level cookers and easy open presses.

The shower rooms are all designed with safety in mind and have non slip surfaces, no step ups into showers and easy turn taps.

Front of Building

Front of builidng

Side of Building

Side Of Building